Our mission is to campaign for other Non-Profit Organizations through documentary films.

Our team members all met through social media, and then each ended up in Austin, Texas. We have all had a dream to pursue both media and non-profit work since we can remember.  Once we all collaborated and began to dream, we envisioned The Purpose Pursuit, and chased it with everything we had and will always continue to do so.

 Our goal is to use our passion for media to share the story behind non-profit organizations and the cultures in which they are involved through documentaries.  We hope to further involve people around the globe to make a real impact in the fight to change our world for the better.

Why?  This world is beautiful; filled with life, beauty, and the freedom to pursue the things we want.  However, this seems to be true for only some of us. There is another part of this world where the reality most people face can be harsh, scary, unrelenting and inconceivably dark.  When living in beauty and freedom, we can get caught up in the everyday life we have been gifted. This isn’t a bad thing.  Embracing life is wonderful and the right thing to do. Yet the other half of doing the right thing, is helping those who can’t help themselves. We are able to do just that.  We are the generation of people who can make a difference and should act on that. The possibilities we have are endless; technology is at our fingertips, networking is done with ease, and dreams are completely achievable.  Why not take advantage of these things and work together to do more?

We want to face the harsh realities in this world to create and share in order to initiate change. We want to curate a movement to change fear to hope, ignorance to compassion, and hurt to healing.