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By purchasing from our store or donating to The Purpose Pursuit you will be helping our team pursue our goal of shooting films that will shed light on social injustice issues around the world and help the nonprofit organizations that are fighting to abolish those issues. The money raised from each film we create will go directly to the nonprofit organizations that are involved. Your donation doesn't stop with us,  get involved and be apart of creating a positive future for generations to come.

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Our strategy is to use each of our talents to create exposure of injustice issues and to generate awareness of the powerful stories behind nonprofit organizations around the world and the cultures they are working with by creating films that are worthy of major media outlets.  A portion of revenue generated from each film will go directly to the nonprofit organizations that are involved.

An unlikely friendship transformed into a riveting connection through the desires in each of our hearts to seek out our deeply rooted dreams of working with media and nonprofit structures. With three out of our five team members happening upon each other by divine chance in Austin, Texas, we sought out our producers, Jordan and London, to turn this ambition into an actuality. Together, upon collaboration and intent formulation, we envisioned The Purpose Pursuit and plummeted into it with all we had. Conjointly, we want to confront the harsh realities of this world to create understanding and share experiences and stories in order to initiate change and curate a movement that replaces fear with hope, ignorance with compassion and hurt with healing.

Kelli Eberhard
Co-Founder & President

Javan Eberhard
Vice President

Olivia Darst
Team Member


Jaime Arthur
Co-Founder & Media Content Creator

Josh and Trish Patterson
Treasurer & Secretary

Aspen Ramsdell

Grace Sitzes
Co-Founder & Media Content Creator

Josie Neal
Team Member


Riley McCullough
Outreach Cooridnator

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